Collection / 2011 


This year's DIY catalog is beautiful, poetic and reflective of various trends. The puff sleeves have been relevant for several seasons now and we love it!

About product
The puff sleeves gives your knit wardrobe an exciting twist and are just as suitable for a party as for casual jeans. In this collection you'll find three different variations, two patterns with a puff on the shoulders and a more edgy variation with a puff at the bottom of the sleeve. The slipover is just as perfect over a dress as with jeans and sneakers. A chunky cowl can be a flattering accessory or a warming scarf under your coat. One of the nice things about knit is that it's so easy to combine with the rest of your wardrobe! The patent jacket is one of the favorites for this season. The narrow shoulders gives the garment a flattering shape. The Laura cardigan is easier to crochet than you think and it gives us major 70's vibes!