2002E/D Trend (English/German)

2002E/D Trend (English/German)

We love good basics! Our knitting-fingers are itching for getting started. In this collection you will find designs in classic techniques such as rib, patent, cables, lace patterns and the wonderful blackberry pattern. We also have a vest and a jacket knitted with a fun technique that provides exciting color transitions. You mix Tynn Silk Mohair with Tynn Merino, and the result is new and delicate. Experiment with your own color variations, or use the ones we have used. Some designs are knitted from below, others from above. Some of the constructions you know from earlier, others may be new to you. Hope you also get inspired to take the pins, happy knitting! The English, German and Swedish knitting patterns in this collection are compiled into one booklet, whereas the Norwegian patterns are available individually.


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