2016E/D Stitch Poetry (English/German)

2016E/D Stitch Poetry (English/German)

Beautiful, soft, poetic and light as a feather. Every piece is knitted top-down so you can easily adjust the length yourself. This catalog has references to fashion history with puff sleeves and collars. Both of which have been important style elements through the centuries, particularly in the 20s, 40s and 80s. The styling possibilities are endless! We have designed a sweater that works as the perfect base for your fall wardrobe. Tone it down with a back bow or play it up with a large statement collar. It's taken a long time to develop the puff sleeve, but it's so worth it when the result look this good! Puff sleeves gives the knitted piece a feminine touch, wear it together with jeans or with a silk skirt on New Year's eve.


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