Part and parcel of the Sandnes Garn strategy for innovation is a series of collaborations spanning a variety of approaches and directions. Aside from our main focus of developing inhouse collections, each of these collaborations add style and edge, ranging from traditional Norwegian designs to the contemporary framework of trends.


Mette Wendelboe Okkels, founder of Danish knit success PetiteKnit, is known for subtle and grounded high quality everyday elegance. Sandnes Garn has developed a designated PetiteKnit yarn in two different yarn qualities.

Tiril Eckhoff

Tiril, one of Norway´s top ski biathlete aces, has created cute and sporty designs for garments to be worn every day.

Cecilie Skog

Cecilie is a living example women can achieve anything – be it designing knit collections or conquering the North pole on ski – and of course, her designs are inspired by nature.

iiS Woodling, Siv Elise Seland

Norwegian fashion studio iis Woodling by Siv Elise Seland has designed several mini collections for us. Her approach, rooted in Norwegian tradition and beautiful crafts are truly inspirational.


The knit duo KlompeLOMPE designs functional and charming garments for children and adults. Sandnes Garn has developed a designated KlompeLOMPE yarn in two different yarn qualities.

Leila Hafzi

Leila Hafzi´s collections celebrate a feminine silhouette with a natural look and feel.