Tema 52 Norwegian wool

Tema 52 Norwegian wool

We used 100% Norwegian wool throughout this collection, consistently produced in-house at Sandnes Garn. We receive the wool directly sheared from the sheep. After careful washing, the wool undergoes the entire production process until the finished and labelled ball of yarn for your knitting. We are the only yarn factory in Norway still doing this, of which we are very proud and happy. The authentic expression which is so special for Norwegian wool, blends perfectly into today`s trend. Norwegian wool and excellent design - a perfect match! By creating this collection we concentrated especially on designs for interior products but we just had to add some cardigans, sweaters, hats and scarves as well. It was not easy to be limited with such a lovely yarn! We focused on our new quality: Tykk Ull. We know many of you love to work with thick knitting needles so this quality is perfect for you. Tykk Ull is suitable for hats as well as for cushions and large blankets or throws – small and large knitting projects. Happy knitting!


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