Collection / 2008 


We are so excited about our new Sunday yarn, a quality we have launched with Mette, PetiteKnit. It is a non superwash treated merino yarn with 235 m. Per 50 gr. We think it provides an easy and timely expression. Super alone, single or double and delicious in combination with our Silk Mohair qualities.


About product

In our Sunday collection you will find good basic garments, such as sweaters, jackets and slipovers for children, women and men in various techniques. They are easy to style to different expressions, giving many uses. Several of the designs are knitted from top to bottom. It allows you to adjust the length of the sleeves and the torso yourself. At Peter's Seamen's Rib for Kids, we wanted it to be folded on the sleeves to give a rougher look, so they were knitted extra long. At the Clover Regent, on the other hand, we thought it nice to have a three quarter sleeve to give a neater look. You can of course choose a different expression, but we hope you will be inspired by the collection, yarn, colors, styling and location. Here are a lot of delicate garnments! Go into the Sunday feeling, enjoy a cup of coffee, knitting time and that time is going slowly. Good knit!

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