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Soft knit for Kids

In this collection you will find a lot of nice knitwear for children. Several of the designs have the same pattern, but are shown in different yarn qualities and color combinations.

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An example is the Must have Beanie, which are shown in a version with one thread Double Sunday, and in another with two threads Sunday. If you knit with two threads in a different colour, you get the mottled effect. This also applies to the Finnick Sweater. Bonnie is already available in an adult version, and many have wanted this for children as well. For children, it is less oversized and narrower in the sleeves. Theo Neck is quick and easy to knit, warm and soft against children's skin. The Debutant Sweater is beginner-friendly. The pattern is more detailed, so that it should be easier for those without much experience. You can make it in Kos, or Poppy, choose the quality and color you like best. The Sedrick and Finnick Sweater is designed with a rib structure that makes the garments flexible and falls nicely. Just as nice for the smallest as for the biggest. Lovely Lilly blouse is beautiful for parties, but also for everyday life.

We hope you`re inspired. Happy knitting!

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