Tovet Hjerte

Tovet Hjerte

Tema 69 - Nr. 11 Det strikkes 2 like deler som sys sammen. Hjertet toves i maskin før det fylles med garn eller fyllvatt. Garn: Fritidsgarn

Vanskelighetsgrad: ** Easy

Price as configured: NOK0.00



Størrelsesguide (CM)

The sizes are indicative and it is recommended to take measurements of the person who is going to wear the garment. The given dimensions are calculated according to the specified knitting tension.

  One size
Før toving: ca 19 x 17 cm

Garnmengde (Ant. nøster)

The number of balls is based on the given dimensions. If you want longer garments, please remember that you may need extra yarn.

  One size
Fritidsgarn Natur 1012: 1


Knitting tension 15 masker rillestrikk på pinne nr 5½ = 10 cm
Accessories Eventuelt fyllvatt
Knitting skill level ** Easy
Designer Sandnes Garn
Knitting Needles Knitting Needle no. 5½
Knitting tension 15 sts = 10 cm
Yarn on model Fritidsgarn

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