Previous collaborations


Photographer and international it-girl Hanneli Mustaparta represents high fashion with the added twist of the style and creativity she is known for. This collection is discontinued. Due to copyright expiration, the recipes are no longer available.


The Skappel sweater, designed by Dorthe Skappel, is no less than sweater celebrity, in all its relaxed bohemian glory. Everybody wanted one, and it was a exciting collaboration.

Photo: Julianne Leikanger


Danish pop star OhLand (Nanna Øland Fabricius) turned everything upside-down and literally inside-out with an innovative collection of eccentric colourful garments.

Vendela Kirsebom

The designs by former supermodel, actress and reality star Vendela Kirsebom, were inspired by modern variations over the classic knitted cardigan.


The clover, so dear and familiar through many years decorating the iconic milk cartons, evokes memories and feelgood with generations of Norwegians.

De dødes tjern

An icon of Norwegian movie history made a comeback in 2019, and we were honoured and proud to be able to cameo in the shape of timeless and beautiful knits, a true reference to the production design of the 1950s version.