Collection / Tema 77 Christmas / No. 9 


A knitted candle to brighten up your home for the Holiday season knitted in Tynn Peer Gynt og Tynn Silk Mohair. 

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    Work candle in ridges (knit back and forth, before felting in washing machine and sew edges tog. Fill with suitable stuffing, and knit up sts for flame. Work flame in ridges, and with inc and dec. Embroider flame, candlewick and numbers.

    • Knitting Needles: Knitting Needle no. 3
    • Knitting tension: 27 sts = 10 cm
    • Accessories: Stuffing Option: Christmas glitter and golden thread

    The number of balls is based on the given dimensions. If you want longer garments, please remember that you may need extra yarn.

      One size
    Tynn Peer Gynt Hvit 1002 (nok til 9 lys): 1
    for the flame: Tynn Peer Gynt Blå dis 7720 : 1
    for the flame: Tynn Silk Mohair Natur 1012 1
    for the flame: Tynn Silk Mohair Pudderrosa 3511 1
    EMBROIDER WITH TYNN PEER GYNT Svart 1099 (eller en rest): 1
    EMBROIDER WITH TYNN PEER GYNT Gul månesten 2122 (eller en rest): 1

    The sizes are indicative and it is recommended to take measurements of the person who is going to wear the garment. The given dimensions are calculated according to the specified knitting tension.

      One size
    Before felting: approx 5x16  cm
    After felting: approx 4x16  cm

    ** Easy

    Read more about the degree of difficulty here.