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Soft Knit for Kids

Here’s a new collection with lovely and soft knit for the kids!

About product

If you would like to do a mini-match, this collection contains three patterns that are also available in adult sizes: Loui genser, Marley genser og Vienna Cardigan. Loui is the perfect half-patent sweater, classic and nice with a European shoulder. We have patterns for Loui sweater in both Tweed Recycled, Double Sunday, and Duo. Loui is also available for women in 2302 DIY and babies in 2213 Soft Start. The Vienna cardigan has a lovely construction with a peplum and tie. It is just as adorable over a dress, as with trousers or a skirt. We have made two different versions. If you knit with Sunday + Thin Silk Mohair, it will have a more classic look than if you choose the rustic Tweed Recycled. Super cute in every way! (Available for women in 2302 DIY). We have made recipes for Marley sweaters in Peer Gynt with Alpakka Følgetråd, Børstet Alpakka, and in Kos. They make three completely different expressions. Choose the one you like best, or maybe all three? (Match for adults can be found in 2210 DIY). Anyone with children knows that Smileys are popular in clothes! We have made two versions, All Smiley and Big Smiley, both of which are knitted in Kos. The Fleur de lis sweater is inspired by Fleur de lis textiles. It is a pattern that dates back hundreds of years. You have endless possibilities for color combinations. We look forward to seeing your version! We highly recommend the collection. We think many favorites will appeal to young and old alike.

Cute and cool at the same time.

Happy knitting!

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